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Please read all of the information and conditions you should expect when receiving your chair. If you have questions or concerns after reading our conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to work with you and can solve most delivery issues. We are small family company where service is paramount in spreading our good name. We want your purchase to be easy, so please reach out to us with questions. 623-282-4247

**U.S. SHIPPING Only: Canada & Mexico Please call or write / e-mail us to determine availability in your area. 623-282-4247


Shipping and Handling Information

  1. We Ship using LTL shippers only. These are national shipping companies using big tractor trailer trucks and they will need at least 100 feet of space at curbside to deliver close to your home. We cannot and will not guarantee how close a driver may be able to park next to your home. Generally our curbside deliveries are seamless with out any issues. However, If you live in an apartment complex or close quarters homes, you may or may not have a on site manager who can give you “best practices” in receiving your merchandise. Please asses your delivery conditions
  2. Lift Gates are not included in delivery. However, lift gates can be added for additional monies by most LTL carriers. Please contact us if you believe you will need a lift gate. We will seek a quote and pass the information on to you.
  3. To your door and in home handling, You will need a a two wheel dolly or four wheel dolly to easily handle your chair. Many times if you do not own one you can rent one for a very moderate price at big box home improvement stores or local moving truck rental stores. Ask a friend too! One of the easiest ways to move our chairs is with an old sheet spread on the ground and by gathering up the corners. This makes an excellent  carrying device for two people. It is by far the easiest way to move a round item.
  4. Your orders ship in 3-4 weeks. In some cases there are delays due to fabric availability. In which case, we will contact you by phone and email giving you options on other fabrics or expected time delays.
  5. Free Freight and what is does and does not include. Free freight includes freight to your curb or the closest point  the freight company driver feels comfortable navigating into. We cannot and do not guarantee proximity to your final destination. Additionally it does not include in home delivery, lift gate services. If you would like your chair delivered in home. We have two options to offer you. 1. You contact a local furniture delivery company and we will send the chair to the company of your choice. You will be responsible for payment to the furniture delivery company. 2. We will seek a professional or white glove delivery company to deliver in your home. In such cases we are only acting as shipping broker out of courtesy and are not responsible for any damages by delivery companies. Additionally, we will inform you about the additional charges for in home handling. You are responsible for any additional charges beyond they LTL Free freight option we offer.
  6. FYI, we only seek out licensed and insured companies.

Still Have questions? Please call us at 623-282-4247

Additional Information about shipping, please read

LTL freight company we choose will not deliver inside of your delivery destination. Please make accommodations for delivery the Cuddler chair inside your final destination. Delivery can only be made where access by a Freight Truck usually 100 feet or longer may enter a drive lane safely. The purchaser is responsible for transporting the item purchased from from the truck into residence.

You, the purchaser are responsible to measure doorways, hallways and stairways before completing order to verify all items purchased will fit. is not and will not be responsible for items that cannot fit inside. If Customer refuses and/or returns an item(s) please refer to the Cancellations/Exchanges & Return policies for fees which may be incurred. Excluding damage or manufactures defect all sales are made to order and are final sales. cannot designate a delivery date and or time for your delivery. We use third party LTL freight companies and once your chair is at local destination, you will be contacted by the LTL freight company to schedule a delivery. They will arrange a delivery time to deliver your chair. Please contact the freight company if your delivery is delayed.

Very Important: Customer must inform freight forwarder of any and all damage(s) to packaging and/or items upon receipt and file a claim if necessary in accordance with the terms and conditions of the freight forwarder. Customer has the right to refuse the items that arrive damaged in accordance with the terms and conditions of the freight forwarder; therefore, we recommend customer read the freight forwarder paperwork before signing for receipt of goods. will not be responsible for damage that occurs after items are delivered to the freight forwarder (see LTLT Freight Forwarder for more information). Please, please, inspect your delivery at the time of delivery. This is they only time you may refuse a delivery for damage. If you wait to inspect the package your ability to claim any damages, if at all, will be greatly diminished or non existent.

If items are lost, a claim needs to be filed with the freight forwarder in accordance with the freight forwarder terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are in addition to the standard Conditions of Use of the Pursuant to those terms, title and risk of loss for the items transfer to the recipient upon delivery to the freight forwarder.


Your Chair Will Be Custom Crafted & Shipped in 4 - 5 weeks. Questions? Call 623-282-4247 Dismiss